It Girls Agree - How to wear Ear Climbers

It Girls Agree - How to wear Ear Climbers

Zendaya chose big and bold for her climber. The glitzy piece is the only piece she wears, keeping the rest of her jewellery throughout her look nearly bare, save for an elegant coordinating ring. Take a cue from Zendaya's look by choosing one attention-grabbing piece. Avoid over accessorizing by keeping the rest of your jewellery at a minimum.

Ear crawlers (or ear climbers), are a fabulous new type of earring that can transform your fashion look! They are incredibly diverse in shape and style, but what they all have in common is that they look like a long earring that climbs up your ear covering the outer section. It’s part of an exciting new surge in earring designs that includes ear-cuffs. And the idea is to highlight one ear with a larger, more decorative earring. An ear climber can add a new dimension to your look. This versatile piece of jewellery can be worn on its own or coordinated with other pieces of jewellery. No matter how you style your ear climber, let it take centre stage when wearing it with other earrings.

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